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Kerrock is a composite material made of an inorganic filler and high quality acrylic polymeric binder, which creates the impression of natura lmarble or granite. Unlike this materials Kerrock is warm, non porous and treated similarly to timber or soft metal.

With the flexibility of being able to saw, grind, polish and thermally treat.

Corian, kerrock, hi-macs

Designed to maintain its appearance for years to come.  These worktops are hardwearing. Various food stains can easily be removed.

Solid and remarkably homogenous this material expresses stability, robustness and prevents cracking. It is resistant to hot objects and flame-retardant.

Integrating your new Kerrock worktop with a Kerrock sink makes your worktops flow. Inconspicuous joints mean your worktop will look like it has been made from one piece of material. Or you could choose to juxtapose your worktop and go for a totally different finish.

Unlike other brands Kerrock sinks are available in the same finishes as their worktops.

Commercial applications for Kerrock range from Reception desks, servery counters, Bar tops and all in between. The applications are endless. With a choice of over 90 finishes you are sure to find one that suits your business

Antibacterial properties of Kerrock make it an excellent choice for Vanity units, Washrooms, Hospitals, labratories and anywherre else where bacteria is of concern.

Kerrock doesn’t contain non-renewable resources such as granite, marble, etc.
All by-products (waste created in the manufacturing process) can be added back into the manufacturing process.
Kerrock has a low disposal frequency, because Kerrock is so durable the useful life before being replaced is longer than most surfaces.
Kerrock is non-porous, non-absorbent making it resistant to bacterial growth.
No off gassing of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s)
Kerrock surfaces are suitable for many re-uses in a long life cycle.